The Wolf’s Will – Scene 016

Scene Sixteen

In which recent events are discussed

Lord Greenbadger sipped a glass of red wine, and watched the sun rise. The wine was in fact of an excellent vintage, but to him it all tasted the same. Wine, art, fine music, he enjoyed all of them in their own way, but they were really all there for the benefit of his guests. Lord Greenbadger had leant long ago the benefit of appearance.

The sunrise however, was beautiful. Lord Greenbadger let himself drink it in while he thought about Lord Redfox’s Will. They were, he thought, five days in, and the visitors to the manor hadn’t dropped off yet. That was to be expected perhaps, it would take time for overseas visitors to arrive, and many of those he had already chased off would want to come back for another shot, you saw those trends in other wills, and Lord Redfox had had an enormous family. Still it meant another busy day for him; he had managed to chase off all five people who had showed up yesterday, and today it looked like he could expect another five.

He considered Bluequail, Lord Bluefinch’s son. The man had, like all the others, through ignorance or arrogance, shown up in the belief that it would be easy to claim his inheritance, Lord Greenbadger allowed himself a faint smile, five days on and he certainly no longer believed that. Still the little man was holding on, and Lord Greenbadger was somewhat impressed, he was like a little scrappy bulldog. But still, Lord Greenbadger sipped his wine and dismissed the man from his mind; he would be stepping up the pressure today, and he felt fairly sure that his Cousin would do the same, so the man would never make it to the reading; if he managed to stay in the house, then he would just drop of stress, which would solve the problem nicely, even if it would smell somewhat.

He turned his attention to the man Greg. That one had come out of left field for him; he hadn’t even been aware of the man’s existence, much less that he could be a serious threat. Not for the first time he was impressed by his cousin’s foresight, she had seen him coming years ago and prepared accordingly. He had been monitoring his cousin’s communications and been very impressed with what this, – Greg, – had managed.

There was a new group forming in the offices of the man’s news paper, Greenbadger was letting them; if they kept reporting back on their progress then it would be a good source of information for him, and he was rather curious to find out, exactly what this, Greg, had been doing with the Dryads.

That just left his cousin, the good Lady Greenroe. With the greatest respect to the new man, Lord Greenbadgr felt that she was still his greatest threat. She was cunning, ruthless, and she had a pre established worldwide network. It was only the fact that she was mostly ignorant of communications that allowed him to keep a somewhat upper hand, and he knew it.

Lord Greenbadger drained his glass. That would be it, he thought to himself, her, me and him, around that table on the thirtieth. And then it would be Lord Redfox’s move.

The sun was almost up. He let the last of the sky turn a brilliant early-morning blue, and then he stood. It would be a busy day; he could feel it. He turned on his heel and walked back inside his house.

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