The Wolf’s Will – Scene 015

Scene Fifteen

In which we acquire another group.

Clare’s eyes were on her screen but she wasn’t reading. Greg and Tony Tony were off on an adventure somewhere, making deals with the wild Dryads, and probably doing all kinds of other exciting things too, and here she was, doing exactly the same thing she did yesterday. The injustice rankled.

Clare was bored, and if she was anything Clare was a woman who didn’t deal well with boredom. She was also high enough in the command chain to be able to set her own assignments. Tony Tony and Greg were doing something secret, and in Clare’s mind the word secret was synonymous with interesting.

Certainly the readers were interested by interesting stories, weren’t they?

Tony Tony and Greg were off on an adventure, she was stuck here, but she had a duty as a reporter to chase this story, right?

She walked the width of her office and poked her head out the door, “Oh Frankie”, she called, “just out of curiosity, how much tracking do you remember from your army days?

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