The Wolf’s Will – Scene 008

Scene Eight

In which our heroes go swimming

It was a beautiful sun rise. Tony Tony knew that that wasn’t much of a conclusion to reach, but still, since he was watching it while it went past him at ridiculous speed, spinning like a top, he felt that he was justified in a one adjective description.

The stretched as best he could against the high G forces; the ball had been surprisingly comfortable after he had gotten used to it.

“Good morning”, came a voice from above him.

Tony Tony glanced up to find Greg pinned roughly to the ceiling, as these this are figured in a spinning ball anyway. “Morning”, he replied, “Wow, were we going through the whole night?”

“Yes, I’m not entirely clear on why we haven’t run out of fuel yet”

Tony Tony Grinned, “Given the way mad scientists usually work, this is probably a, ‘You don’t want to know’ situation,”

Greg nodded, “I can’t be sure but I think that we’re coming up on the sea, the horizon is has been getting shinier for some time now.

Tony Tony looked, but it was impossible, “Ok, I’ll believe you, what are we going to do when we hit it.”

“Well first of all we need to find some way to stop this thing, I’d much rather not crash”

Tony Tony nodded, and then his brow creased, “Wait, shouldn’t this thing float?”

Greg nodded rather too slowly for Tony Tony’s taste, “I think it will float, at least at first, and I don’t think the RAM jets will be stopped by a little water ether.”

Tony Tony let the image form in his mind, “Ah. Right.” he said, and then rather more cheerfully, “Well I bet that would get us to Italy eventually”

Greg wasn’t smiling, He was looking out of the sphere , and he looked as worried as a man can look without displaying emotion as a matter of course. Tony Tony heard him yell something, and suddenly they weren’t on desert any more, they weren’t really in sea either, and they didn’t appear to have access to gravity.

There was something blue and shiny filling Tony Tony’s field of vision, and it was getting bigger, sea, his mind provided, just before they plowed into it, and then plowed out of it, bobbing up out of the water, and then further out of the water and on to a huge outcropping of rock, which it started to climb.

Greg yelled again, and Tony Tony, who had been planning to do it for a while reached over and turned off the RAM jets. The world vas suddenly a lot quieter, containing as it did only the sounds of crunching rock and avalanches as the thing continued to climb. “What was that?” called Tony Tony.

“I said, don’t turn off the engines”

“Ah”, said Tony Tony as the thing reached the top of its climb and sailed gracefully over, “Oops”

They went down. It was rather faster than when then they had went up.Tony Tony thought that this was rather unfair, it was like the ball was trying to make up for lost time.

They hit the water, and bobbed up again, but this time not nearly as high. Tony Tony was very aware of the water pouring through the entrance hole. He heard Greg yell something, but he was already gone, out through the hole and into the water, Greg was right beside him. Together they watched as their temporary transport found a new home on the seabed.

There was a long pause, while the two of them floated. Then Tony Tony turned to Greg and asked, “What was it that you were trying to say before we got out”

“I said to bail out”

“Oh”, they were silent again, and then Tony Tony started laughing. He couldn’t help it; it just came naturally, welling up inside him. He laughed at their choice of transport, the mission they were on, the things that kept happening to them, their lack of clean clothes, The world in general, and as he laughed he began to feel better.

He was still laughing several minutes later when someone grabbed him from behind and lifted him out of the water.

“Dude, was that ball yours?” said his rescuer, Tony Tony felt a blast of something herbal waft across him

“Ah, yeh.” said Tony Tony, not really worrying about consequences.

“Ball dude, that was a crunchy stunt you pulled there”

“Huh?” Said Tony Tony, who was having problems following what this man was talking about.

“Straight up Bull’s-eye, Balls out, not Balls up”, clarified the man.

“Oh, great man, thanks” guessed Tony Tony.

“No worries man, I’m Woon”

“Well nice to meat you mister Woon, I’m Tony Tony”

“Hey T.T, But hold man, Mister Woon was my Father, call me, Mr. Ian Woon”

“Good morning, Mr Ian Woon, I,ll- ”, There was something on the man’s breath that was making it hard to focus, and rather too late Tony Tony noticed that he was being held on a surf board, which was hovering about two feet above the waves. Tony Tony finished his sentence,”-you’re a windsurfer aren’t you?”

“That’s right man, riding the turbulence, surfing the squalls, until the day I die Man”

Tony Tony noticed others on the boards sailing at a leisurely pace towards them; One of them scooped Greg out of the water. Tony Tony saw the opportunity and seized it, “You’re heading to Italy aren’t you?”

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