The Wolf’s Will – Scene 007

Scene Seven

In which our heroes are tailed

Devlin was dozing in the hot sun when Johnson knocked on his window and climbed into the driver’s seat, He jerked upright and tried to cover his lack of professionalism, “Well, did it help when I left?”

“Not really”, replied his partner, “he just kept the innuendos coming, by the end of it I swear he was implying something about livestock”

“Oh” Said Devlin, sagging visibly, “well in that case I’m sorry I, you know, left you there”

Johnson nodded sagely, “It’s all right I understand”

“No really, I”

“It’s alright”

There was silence for a beat

“So did you get any information?”

“Actually yes, they were here, they took a Zorb and went north”

“Ok,” Devlin rubbed his forehead, “where does that lead us? No-one else saw them, so they must have come straight here. That means they must have known about this place in advance, so we should check the connections in-between those two and the old man”

“The old man had quite a lot to say on the connections between those two and himself”

“Really! What did-”said Dante, slowing down as thought caught up with him, “never mind. North. What’s north? Most of Australia really, so we have no idea where they’re going.”

“Ah but we do, I broke into the old man’s house on my way out and-”

“You broke into his house!” Said Devlin, horrified

“All is fair in love and war”, Said Johnson, mildly.

“Yeah but-,” he paused, searching for words and then gave up, “What did you find?”

“All the spheres had tracking devices, they’re one went north at first but course corrected south south east, they’re making a direct line for Adelaide”

“Adelaide, why are they going there?”

“I don’t know, but if we can stop them there it won’t matter much”

“Right, can we catch up with them?”

“No. Even in the jet, they have too much of a head start”

“So we report ahead.”


Devlin nodded and found himself drifting away, he let it happen. The matter was settled until they got back to the jet, and there wouldn’t be any more work until they could use its high powered antennas.

He found himself wondering about his partner and why he was doing this job, presumably he had his reasons. Twenty nine more days, he thought to himself, and then, if we do our job right, we all get what we want.

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