The Wolf’s Will – Scene 006

Scene Six

In which our heroes cross a lot more desert, at a much higher speed.

Greg was trying, but the object he was looking at wasn’t making much more sense inside his head than outside it. Still certain nasty suspicions were beginning to form.

“Tony Tony?”


“What, exactly, am I looking at?”

“Well it’s a Zorb, they’re big in this place, and great for desert crossing”

“That bit I understand, What I’m having trouble with are these things attached to the side”

“Oh”, said Tony Tony, non-comitial

“Yes Tony Tony, What exactly are they

“Well they’re speed boosters, you know, so we can go faster, I mean that is-”

“They’re RAM jets aren’t they Tony Tony”

“Dats a right”, said the grizzled toothless man beside them, “me own rocket powered balls” , he said with gratuitous winking, “available for hire or rent”.

“Are they safe?” Greg asked.

The question seemed to confuse the man

Greg let the matter go, “I don’t think we’ll be able to steer these thing, except in the sense of large scale geography. Do you have a double hulled one?”

“Aha, dat wouldn’t work, dey would tip ova.”

“Ah, good point. Then-”

“Sides with a single hull, there’s more room fo, tumblin” said the man, while winking and nudging like a malfunctioning GIF

The was a long silence, broken only by the continuous ‘eh, eh,eh’ from the man.

“Ah, we’re both men”, Tony Tony helpfully pointed out. The man didn’t stop winking and nudging.

Greg was tired of waiting, “Let’s just pay the man and get out of here” he said to Tony Tony, already climbing into the closest monstrosity

Tony Tony followed him, “huh, I wonder how you start this thing?” he said.

Something flew in through the entrance hole, landing neatly in front of Greg. He picked it up; it looked suspiciously like an old Playstation controller. He held it out to Tony Tony and asked the question that had been bugging him since they had arrived, “Tell me the Truth Tony Tony, is this guy completely insane?”

“I honestly couldn’t tell you Greg, but I am very keen to find out.” replied Tony Tony.

Tony Tony brought his finger up to the X button. Greg made no move to stop him.

There was a deafening roar from outside, and centrifugal forces suddenly became an intimate part of the two men’s lives.

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