The Wolf’s Will – Scene 005

Scene Five

In which we get hints of opposition

Ring-Ring Ring-Ri-Click


Ring-Ring Ri-Click

Well Charlotte?

It’s a bust Mam; they wandered off as soon as the plane stopped

Damit girl, why didn’t you stop them?

I was in the wrong part of the plane! By the time we were released from emergency duties they were already gone.

Right. You brought them down in the desert like I asked?

Yes Mam

Then where could they have got to?

We-We landed near Uluru, Mam

What?! Stupid girl! Enough inaccessible desert to swallow most of Europe and you put them down right next to a major tourist attraction!

Yes Mam, sorry Mam

Alright. Never mind, it’s too late to change it now.

Should I go after them, mam?

No, it would look suspicious if you left now. Make your way back to France by the usual means and await orders.

Yes Mam

Send your files to Devlin and Johnson, They’ll check out the car rental places around Uluru.

Yes Mam. Good day Mam

Good day, Charlotte


Several thousand miles away, Lord Greenbadger lowered his headphones and took a sip of his cranberry juice. Well, he thought, that was unexpected

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