The Wolf’s Will – Scene 003

Scene Three

In which our heroes unite

The office was peaceful. The work was all done. The paper was out. There was nothing else left to do, but there was still half an hour on the clock so everyone just lay around drained and exhausted, but happy. Tony Tony loved these moments; tomorrow everyone would be running around all over again, but for now the whole world was calm.

Tony Tony remembered that Greg wanted to see him in his office, he wondered if he would still be there. Then he answered himself, of course Greg would still be in his office; the man had no idea how to relax.

He eased himself up from the pot plant he had been resting his weight against and set off down the hallway. The whole way down people called out to him, and reached out to pat him or shake his hand, Sandra even lifted herself from where she was half passed out over the emergency copier, to give him a hug. This was their victory and everyone felt that it was well earned.

Greg’s office was second from the end and it looked exactly like all of the others, on the door was written ‘Greg – Editor’.

Tony Tony had found that people were always disappointed the first time they walked into Greg’s office, there was always this expectation that an editors office should be some luxurious place, fit for a power mad emperor. Tony Tony had been around for awhile and he had come to the conclusion that an office isn’t nearly as important as what it contains.

Greg was sitting at his desk with three piles of papers and four variations on the theme of highlighter. Tony Tony wasn’t even slightly surprised. “Hey Greg,” he said,” What’s up?”

Greg glanced up, and even though his face was blank Tony Tony caught the strange sensation of warmth, “Hello Tony Tony, how’s that charity you set up?”

“Scrying crystals for the blind? It’s going great man, we got just over a thousand donated crystals last week and we’re still growing! My business partner showed me the plans she drew up yesterday”

“What plans?”

Tony Tony was feeling mischievous, and with a grin replied, “You remember how I said it would be nice to have my own building to use as a distribution hub? I mean we are distributing the donated crystals all over the city”

“Yes, I remember”

“And you remember that my business partner trained as an architect”

“Yes” Pause “I see, really?”

“Absolutely, I have the plans for the start of my own little empire sitting on my desk at home, and all I need is a little money to push it through.

This seemed to be what Greg had been waiting for. “Would a hundred thousand be enough?”

Tony Tony felt alert all of a sudden, he had known Greg longer than anyone else in this country and he knew his editor rarely thought hypothetically, “It would defiantly help a lot.”

“My uncle Redfox is dead”

“Well. Sorry to hear it”, Tony Tony leaned back in his chair and focused on the ceiling, “You told me about him once didn’t you? He was an alpha and about the only member of your family didn’t violently object when you decide to become a vampire”

“Yes, he was very progressive in that respect, and now he’s dead. Now, tell me what you remember about werewolf inheritance law”

“Well, not much, the big one is that a beneficiary must be present at the reading of the will or they forfeit their inheritance”

“And their share is distributed between those who are present”

“That right, it’s a bit of a strange law I always thought”

“So does everyone else, but it’s traditional at this point”

“Ok, so what you’re saying is that there’s a good chance you will be in this will.”

“Yes, and even if I’m not, as a close blood relative I still stand to inherit a share if a beneficiary doesn’t make it”

“Right, I guess that’s plan B. Was your uncle rich?”

“The fact that he lived in Transylvania made the country about 70% richer than it would be otherwise”

“I’m going to call that a yes. Ok, so you have rich uncle and stand to inherit, where do I come into this?”

“’Had’ a rich uncle, and you come into this because I’m going to need your people skills to get there”

“To the reading?”


Tony Tony snorted,” I think a private jet would help you out a bit more there.”

“No Tony Tony, not here, here it would work against me. Think about those laws, if a beneficiary could ensure that he was the only one present then he would inherit everything. Werewolf inheritances get, competitive. It’s a game, and some of the older werewolves are very good at it.

“So you can’t travel openly.”

“Or legally, and if you help me to receive my inheritance I will give you a hundred thousand dollars.”

Tony Tony settled deeper in the chair with a slightly dazed expression on his face, “Can we just walk away like that?”

“Your business partner can cover the charity, Mikey can cover you here and we can call Rowind in again to cover me”

Tony Tony said nothing, he was hunched in his chair and he had his fingertips resting on his forehead. Greg seemed to know what to do; he touched Tony Tony’s shoulder and waited until their eyes met “Please Tony Tony”, He said, “I need your help with this one.”

Tony Tony watched back. Then, very slowly an amused smile spread across his face, “Exploiting werewolf law in a life or death situation against opponents with everything to gain.” He chuckled and offered his hand, “I’m in”

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  1. Krysalys said

    Frodo, I really really want a copy of this!!

    • Krysalys said

      oh, it’s Krysta btw 🙂

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