The Wolf’s Will – Book end


I’m afraid that was all of ‘The Wolf’s Will’ that’s been released right now, but don’t worry; it’s updated daily; so if you check back tomorrow there will be some more for you to read. I hope to see you back then.

If you really can’t wait then you can pick up the dead tree version here.

If you are more environmentally minded then you can download the PDF of the book for any amount you think is reasonable by clicking on the donate button below.

(Note: Because of the way paypal is set up it won’t accept $0 as a donation amount, if that is all you’re willing to pay then you can download the PDF here)

If you would like to discuss The Wolf’s Will then I would like to show you it’s pages on TvTropes and the Web Fiction Guide

Finally, you can also check out the rest of my writing, I’m quite fond of it and I recomend it personally.

Demonic Symphony

Demonic Symphony


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